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Protection of Personal Information Act. 

We believe in the future of data protection in South Africa, and offer services to help business comply with POPIA 

  • Assisting in the development of data management processes and procedures to ensure compliance with legislation.
  • Providing guidance on general regulatory compliance.
  • Guidance and assistance with the development of policy documentation and the re-alignment of legal documents.
  • Enabling employees and empowering the organization through training and awareness
  • Understanding the path forward in terms of a project plan
  • Check the boxes for compliance.
  • Registering your information officer
  • Consultations with your information officer.

The Documents that we include:

  • Privacy Policy 
  • CCTV Policies 
  • Data Breach Policy 
  • Information Sharing Policy 
  • Information Officer Appointment form 
  • Supplier Agreements 
  • About POPIA Training documents